User Experience

User experience is one of the most vital but overlooked aspects of inbound marketing.

It’s how a person feels or reacts to products or services, navigates through your website, and the reason why they complete the actions you want them to. By dismissing this facet of your marketing, you could be ignoring critical mistakes that negatively affect your bottom line. MEC Global Solutions's marketing strategists dive deep into your web presence and Google Analytics to provide you with a detailed user experience analysis, giving you invaluable insight into the following:

  • Missing elements of your homepage
  • A “first impression” analysis of your website’s homepage
  • Opportunities and areas for user experience improvement

Any online marketing strategy deserves a fresh set of eyes, an expert point of view of your ideal visitor’s journey. Our user experience analysis will identify significant errors holding you back from success, and open up windows for new design elements to boost website conversions – filling your sales funnel with more leads.

Take a glance at some of our past user experience analyses, or call 866-926-6482 today to speak with one of our marketing strategists.